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One agenda for Welsh education for many years has been to embed literacy and numeracy into every aspect of education to improve the essential skills of learners. Furthermore, recent news reports have also indicated that Merthyr Tydfil is potentially at a high risk of lacking basic literacy and digital literacy skills.

As well as embedding these vital skills into teaching and learning we need to consider what more can be done to help build these skills in an interactive, engaging and instinctive way for the 21st Century learner?

The idea is to holistically employ basic digital literacy skills through online and mobile learning to build essential literacy skills. This application will give tutors a platform to disseminate and record skills-based gaming challenges. These will be simple incremental questions initially focussing on literacy, and will be completed by the learner through the web-based platform via any web enabled device such as tablets and smart phones.

A learner will have the ability to choose from various serious games based on spelling, punctuation and grammar. On successful completion of a gaming session the learner will gain a high score which can be shared with other learners and a high score table like traditional arcade games. Learners will be able to review and monitor their progression of the gaming challenges.

The challenges will be based around Essential Skills of Communications and Literacy. These level appropriate gaming challenges will be discretely mapped to the Essential Skills Wales and the forthcoming Digital Competencies frameworks.

Gaming challenges could be any text web-based content including quizzes, word searches, missing letters, Q and A and many more. Typically these traditional type puzzle games are not engaging by themselves, but when shared in a likeminded online community a small 5 minute game can become an engaging instinctive learning activity.


The games are designed by learners based on the Essential Skills Wales Communication framework for building literacy skills from Entry Level to Level 3. The games have been mapped to this framework through building spelling, punctuation and grammar. The games also holistically employ digital literacy and essential communication skills though mobile learning and serious games.

Spelling Bee

A quirky style arcade game aimed at improving spelling and the use of spelling rules. The game is based around popular modern games such as Flappy Bird.


An arcade style game aimed at improving punctuation. This game is based on science fiction style arcade games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids.

Gram Prix

An arcade style game aimed at improving grammar. This game is based on racing style arcade games such as GP World and Road Blasters.


  • October 2016

    Project Idea

  • November 2016

    Project Design & Creation

  • May 2017

    Project Trial

  • June 2017

    Project Evaluation

Project Team

The College Merthyr Tydfil

Simon West

Project Lead

Gareth Morgan

Game Design

Karl Jones

Game Developer